Monday, March 28, 2011

Ashley and caitlin- Fashion

Time in the 1930s The 1930s is an interesting period, both stylistically and historically. Of course history, fashion and style are all integrally related. Generally fashions of the 1930s are thought of as glamorous and sensuous. This is the era of the big bands, dancing and night life. The dresses are long and elegant, evening gowns were often backless and importantly there develops a very distinct difference between daywear and evening wear. Hollywood and the movies also begin to be very influential to the fashion industry as people wanted to wear the styles they had seen on the screen. A group of evening dresses found in the shop brings to mind the same idea of woman in motion. A handful of long, wide-skirted, colorful gowns of chiffon and other lightweight materials fairly scream "tango," instantly bringing to mind the South American dances popular in the mid-thirties. Cut satin evening dresses, from another cache of gowns, epitomize the streamlined design of the era. Clothing styles were less extravagant for the most part during the 1930s. Some of the more affluent type of dress was presented by models in issues of the women’s magazine Good Housekeeping. Models in some of the photos displayed simple yet feminine outfits of two-piece V-neck cardigan, simple blouse, and button-down wrap skirts. By Ashley Vega & Caitlin Flynn

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