Monday, March 28, 2011

matt and mike-inflation/sports

If you had 1 billion dollars in the 1930s it would be worth 12 billion now. In the 1930s a nes house cost about 7 thousand dollars. Gas in the 1903s was 10 cents per gallon by 1939 it still stayed the same. Cars in the 1903s cost about 6 hundred dollars and by 1939 was about 700 dolllars. Steak in the 1938 was 20 cents a pound and today its 11 dollars. Single vision glasses were about 4 dollars and now there about 100 to 400 dollars for glasses. Howard deluxe Quality silk line hat in the 1930s was about 3 to 4 dollars but now there about 2 hundred dollars.
In the nineteen 1930s base ball player wagers were cut because of the great depression. Lou Gehrig was the highest paid baseball player during the depression. Boxing and baseball were the most popular sports during the nineteen 1930s, but then basketball and football sonly grew over those sports. Sports in the 1930s became more commercialized during the 1930s. In the nineteen thirty’s radios were used mostly for sports other than t.v. because t.v.’s where very expensive back in the nineteen thirty’s, but people thought the price of it would drop but it didn’t it rose over hundreds of dollars.

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